Tired of the old and difficult-to-read Canon manual? Normally for landscapes on my 5d4, using live view, I’ll use back button AF to focus on say a foreground element, then move the AF point to whatever I want to meter on, say the sky. Once you’re on the go being able to connect to the camera to get RAW images off is a huge plus. In other words, you only have to focus once to shoot multiple shots of the same scene. You can change this by tapping the icon on the back of the LCD screen or pressing the ‘SET’ button in the middle of the rear multi-function wheel. The Canon EOS R6 is a professional-grade mirrorless camera with a complex menu system, and numerous buttons and controls. Set [C.Fn IV: Operation/Others] → [C.Fn-8 Shutter/AE lock button] to option [1: AE lock/AF]. Out of the box, most Canon cameras are set up with metering and autofocus assigned to the shutter button. top. M-Fn Button. Using the AF-ON button can also save time when you’re shooting a series of images of the same subject. Thank you David. Then simply hold down the ‘AF-ON’ button until your camera focuses, and release it once you have acquired focus. Most of us are not aware of the back button focusing feature on our cameras and how it can be a game changer in any photographer’s life. The AE Lock button is located at the top right portion of the rear of the camera and for many photographers, it isn’t used all that much. As with most other on–off custom button settings, you’ll briefly see the on–off status in the VF or LCD monitor. Get started with my advanced manual for the Canon EOS R today! When you do not want to focus continuously, you can just focus once by pressing the back button and the focus gets locked on your subject that is stationary. Confirmed: Canon 80D cannot do double back button AF. Often referred to by pros as “back-button AF”, this feature lets the user customize the camera so that focusing is performed by pressing a rear button with the photographer’s right thumb. Published on November 16, 2019, last updated April 24, 2020 ... a few settings here that you will want to tweak depending on situation but you can do it by pressing M-Fn button or Q set button, so I’ll skip them here. Then I will take the shot. On the EOS 7D to set up back button focusing you enter the 7D’s Quick Control Screen (via the ‘Q’ control on the back left of the camera) and select the AE Lock button setting option. No worries. How to Set Continuous Focus Mode The continuous focus mode for Canon is AI-Servo (Nikon is using AF C) To set this on my Canon 6D I press the AF C button on the top of my camera, and use the top dial to scroll to AI-Servo after I’ve pressed the shutter AF C button. Canon EOS-R tips and tricks for Muti-function bar . Like every other EOS camera, the back (top) MODE dial adjusts exposure compensation at any time, unless you program it otherwise. By default Canon EOS cameras use “front button focus”; the shutter release button activates the autofocus and exposure metering. 4. Also, as long as you keep the back button pressed, the camera continues to focus on the subject that you have focused, thereby continuously keeping track of focus without you having the need to switch to tracking focus. Get inspired and learn more with these tips, How to Up Your Instagram Game with the EOS RP, Madagascar Through the Lens of Jay Collier, RF Lens Benefits And Why You Should Make The Switch, How to capture sunbursts in your photography, How To Elevate A Brand With Unique Lifestyle Product Photography, Best Gear and Settings for Astrophotography, How to Develop Your Photography Brand and Business Online. The AF-ON button should be set up for back button AF by default, if not then make sure it’s set for Metering and AF start. Setting up back button focus varies between camera manufacturers and between camera models of the same manufacturer. In general, using back button focusing helps the photographer to avoid losing focus of the subject. Setting back button focusing. You've heard about back button focus - and maybe you've used it, but this is the BBF on steroids! You then use the shutter release button to take the photograph. Thanks to commenter “S” for testing this and reporting back to me. Here they are, from left to right: Power On / Off Switch: self-explanatory. That way, focusing errors can be minimised. So I find this is best used in auto focus mode. To lock focus with the AF-On button: Look through the viewfinder and move the camera until the center of the viewfinder is over the subject that you want the camera to lock focus on. Get started with my advanced manual for the Canon EOS R today! But with back button focusing, you just focus, recompose once and shoot as many times without focus recomposing because with back button focus, your focus is locked at that point when you release the back button after focusing at a point as long as the camera and/or the subject does not move.